Bars in River North

Man holding a beer at a Bar in River North near Kinzie Hotel

Since its earliest days, Chicago has been a town that enjoys a well-deserved libation. As a city, we've come a long way from the bootlegging days of Prohibition, evolving into one of the country's premier craft beer and cocktail destinations. With over fifty breweries within city limits, hundreds of boutique cocktail bars, and a vibrant, contemporary nightlife scene, Chicago is on the cutting edge of American beverage culture. During your visit to River North, don't miss the opportunity to sample beers from breweries like Half Acre, Pipeworks, Off Color, and Three Floyds or cocktails made with locally distilled spirits from Letherbee, Koval, and Few.

With so many incredible options all around you, you're bound to have an unforgettable time exploring River North's unrivaled bar scene.