So, Who is John Kinzie?

To most, John Kinzie was an intrepid pioneer, an accomplished fur trader, a silversmith, and visionary settler that played an integral role in the early development of Chicago. Kinzie’s home, which he purchased from Chicago founder Jean Baptiste Point du Sable, served as one of the city’s first inns, and his son James would later open one of Chicago’s first hotels/taverns at Wolf Point.

But to us, John Kinzie also represents so much more. His boundless energy, enterprising spirit, and legacy of exploration are the inspiration for the Kinzie Hotel, designed to capture the true essence of Chicago.

Today, you can find Kinzie’s imprint throughout the city. From the Michigan Avenue Bridge to the Chicago Riverwalk to For Dearborn Park, John Kinzie's legacy lives on.

John Kinzie History: A Timeline

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